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Cowboy Ethics

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A few years ago, while traveling, Pastor Stan read, “Cowboy Ethics” by James Owens. He believed that God spoke to his heart to teach the 10 Cowboy Ethics. God said it would change the world. His present mission is to do just that, teach the Ethics and watch God bring us back to our roots, “In God We Trust”. Here at DCC, we want to use the Western Culture and Spirit as a setting for this mission.

Code of the West:


  • Live Each Day with Courage.

  • Take Pride in Your Work.

  • Always Finish What You Start.

  • Do What Has To Be Done.

  • Be Tough, But Fair.

  • When You Make a Promise, Keep it.

  • Ride for The Brand.

  • Talk Less and Say More.

  • Remember That Some Things Aren’t For Sale.

  • Know Where to Draw The Line.

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